Lookin’ after the missus!

So there were two new mothers who wanted to go the Baby Show at the SECC and there were two new fathers who wanted to go fishing – simple solution – hook up the two mothers to keep company while the two guys go fishing – sometimes I think James Bond will come after me because of my dastardly plans.

On Saturday I had watched as the weather remained at a nice constant temp – maybe around 15-16 degrees, it had been patchy cloudy and seemed like a great day to fish – I could sense rising trout. Today was overcast but cold – no higher than 11 degrees –  the forecast was for heavy rain – luckily it never materialised. 

So we drove to a river (the Kelvin), we then drove to another river (a tributary) which we passed- we then finally decided to drive to another river entirely as it was particularly cold. When we got to the river it was hitting the magical 12 degrees point when olives were supposed to hatch. Turned out it was not until we had walked a half hour (through a field of cows I might add however I refused to climb over a barbed wire fence) and then fished back up river several pools before we finally spotted an olive – it was a good half our after this that we spotted our first rising trout – we both cast to it (turned out there was a few trout) and I hooked and then promptly lost one – we moved on.

Rather be here than at a "Baby Fair" - whatever the hell that is!

Rather be here than at a "Baby Fair" - whatever the hell that is!

Like most semi urban rivers (we decided that two guys pulling on waders next to a kids Play Park in a housing estate was not worth the hassle so we parked down a lane) there was plenty of rubbish and evidence of fly tipping – obviously also the usual burnt out car (other father said there was another one around the corner) – it would feel weird not fishing next to a burnt out car after all these years.

Burnt Out Car

Too late too pinch the stereo..

I noticed at one point my Deer Hair Emerger was feeling and looking pretty weird in the water – turned out it had picked up an extra passenger – once that wee monkey was discarded the serious business of catching no fish could once again commence.

Serious question - was it trying to have sex with it? Like a blow up doll?

Serious question - was it trying to have sex with it? Like a blow up doll?

The river had plenty of olives coming off and when I pulled in a clump of weed there was a little nymph wriggling away.


Wriggling Nymph - you just did not see the mess the weed had made of the fly!

The river here is criss crossed with pipes – more so than the Kelvin – there was also evidence of sewage in the water – it had a milky sheen to it – I totally forget and wet my leader using my tongue at one point – I made a mental note to watch out for severe sickness!

Milky - like - well milk really. And wee!

Milky - like - well milk really. And wee!

There is leaves on the trees now – this river gets more and more difficult to fish as the season (spring) continues.

Alistair Casting

Alistair Casting - soon loses a fly!

Campbell Casting

Campbell Casting - he wanted to try a wooly bugger!

I pool jumped Campbell and spotted a rising trout tight in to the right hand bank facing upstream, turned out there was a couple of trout- we both had a few casts – we were not sure if it was nymphs, emergers or uprights they were taking..


Upstream casting to spooky trout

Upstream casting to spooky trout

“They are big trout” Campbell hisses – I could tell this by the way they boiled on the surface – it was soon my turn again as Campbell was changing flies – I had on my secret weapon (scruffy olive) – had a few casts, one of the trout took my fly and then went bananas all over the pool – jumping several times, boring deep and then quicly netted for a quick hero shot:

Hero Shot - you guys never told me how sexy my ass looks in waders!

Hero Shot - you guys never told me how sexy my ass looks in waders!

And a close up of the head for luck…

Troots Head

Troots Head

 It was then just enough time for another few casts before heading home to the wives and wee men..

Best Catch of the Year

Best Catch of the Year

Juggling fatherhood, husband duties and being a fisher is hard sometimes however it makes even a difficult day by the river seem all the better – it could have been either one of us that caught that fish – I reckon it would have been nice just to watch it happen!


  1. Paul · April 26, 2009

    Nice one Alistair.That’s a beautiful trout.

  2. scotty9 · April 26, 2009

    AS above, that really is a cracking troot!

  3. Campbell S · April 26, 2009

    Nice fish and I am glad it was convinced by your overweight olive pattern….not bitter….

  4. j d buchanan · April 26, 2009

    looks like a good spring day out

  5. Stuart B · April 26, 2009

    Yeah.Really nice fish .Just shows what you can get in small streams.
    Shame about the PJ bottoms though !!! 🙂

  6. scott · April 26, 2009

    burnt out cars and a milky sheen? sounds like my local stream, could that be a kelvin trib also?

  7. Stuart B · April 26, 2009

    I’m sure we have seen that burnt out car before in here!!!

  8. Alistair · April 26, 2009

    Totally different one Stuart – I love em’

  9. Jockayethenoo · April 26, 2009

    very nice fish… and a very nice wee Fin! … 😎

    where did you actually fish, not the grid reference, just the name of the burns would be nice, if it’s not a state secret… lol!!!

  10. Stuart B · April 26, 2009

    Sharp intake of breath from Alistair methinks ….I’d like to know as well but I’m too feart to ask..:-)

  11. Alistair · April 26, 2009


    Information should never be so easily gained!

    One day chaps, one day!

  12. Sceaduo · April 26, 2009

    Nice story. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Campbell S · April 26, 2009

    WTF is that nymph Alistair? It looks like a small crayfish, but I think I must be hallucinating!

  14. Alistair · April 26, 2009

    I am sure it is a nymph Campbell – here is a close up:
    Closer Up

  15. Campbell S · April 26, 2009


  16. Alex · April 26, 2009

    Yeah that looks like a hoglouse to me too. They are usually found in amongs weeds and are quite tolerant of pollution, so it makes sense.
    Ugly wee bugger eh?


  17. Campbell S · April 26, 2009

    I would go as far as Fugly…

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