Communication with the Cows

Sunday was so good I decided to take a half day on Monday from work and go back. Of course all the trout by this point had eaten there fill, where on Sunday you could hardly place your fly on the water without catching a trout yesterday the river seemed all but devoid of trout apart from the occasional “gloop”

A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work though…

I got to the river and tackled up, sure the conditions felt different but it was just a little brighter right? Surely that would not put the fish down? I walked down the river too see a few trout rising in a large pool with a nice long run on the side closest to me, it looked promising, excitedly I cast to three rising trout, they all take my fly however something goes wrong each time – the fly ends up a few feet away from me with a distinct lack of fish. Unlucky, I am thinking, it was not until I walked further downstream that I started to wonder if something was in fact different – for one I was sweating and I could feel the sun on my face – I took my sweater off and stowed it in my pack. I worked my way upstream, only seeing the occasional trout rising like someone clicking there fingers on the surface of water. They are not regular risers I immediately worked out (Emanuele would say they are being sporadico) however still plugged away for a few more hours. Something has got to happen I kept saying to myself – phoned Mike for a bit of inspiration however he has “other” things on his mind, said he might come down later for a session and when I left at 8ish he had still not arrived. There was “some” action though, I basically stood motionless in some bushes at the end of a long pool and just waited, and waited and waited a bit more. Eventually some blue winged olives starting hatching and a couple of solitary trout responded – I caught one and spooked the rest.

Singing to the fish…

It was nice fishing alone and having the whole river to myself, I talk to myself a lot and sing songs as I am at peace with the solitude and like my own company (some of my fishing buddies will be glad that I don’t sing when they are present)

The trout I caught came to a blue winged cdc and a rendition of “Will Your Anchor Hold” (click the link and sing if you have never heard it – always a tear jerker at a funeral although good for tricky trout) and then the chorus of “High Voltage” by ACDC – yup I have an eclectic musical taste.

Communicating with Cows…

On the way back to the car I decided to try and communicate with the cows, you know I think I was actually getting somewhere; I had just perfected a kind of low throaty “Mooo” when my the old ball n chain phoned and spoiled the whole atmosphere.

I am going away for two weeks to Brittany on Saturday so do not expect to hear from me, I will have my rods with me but doubtful if any fishing will be done. Possibility of a session on Thursday evening after work on the Kelvin or even a tributary but we will see….


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  2. ANDY C · June 19, 2007

    dont like they things

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