Like a walk in two parks..

Well, not really like a walk in the park – more actually like a totally real walk in the parks. And by parks I mean Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow Green.

The Summer has no well and truly left us and Autumn is spiraling out of control heading towards true winter – we are now on the long haul to Christmas and then an uphill struggle towards Spring.


This is you weekly water photo. 44 0f 52

Thankfully there was nobody fishing as I walked down the river in Kelvingrove Park – sometimes you find the odd chancer who thinks the close season is a good time to get away from the crowds and have a fish in peace, they do not realize the law is there for a reason. The park was lovely although very cold – first day I have had my winter jumper on.

The water looks cold as well…

Kelvin - Upstream of Bandstand Pool

As we walked through one of the loveliest parks in Glasgow I noticed some tents and stuff set up – I walked over to investigate. It turns out that the fight against Bankers which started on Wall Street has hit Glasgow in true weegie style – instead of hitting the bankers where they might continue to see it like in the middle of the city they have decided to move the occupy to a rather pleasant park next to the museum.

"sticking it to the man?"

 Anyway, my second walk in the park was in the evening – seeing as how it was Guy Fawkes Night we went to Glasgow Green – for those not in the UK every year we celebrate someone who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament by lighting fireworks and watching explosions in the sky – we also wonder what life would have been like if he he had successful instead of caught, hung and then cut up into wee pieces.

I took a photo however the most interesting thing is not the fireworks – can you see that wee dot to the left of the fireworks in the sky?

Explosions in the Sky

Prepare to be geeked! That dot is not in fact a star – it is Jupiter and has been gracing out skies for a few weeks now as the brightest “star” in the sky. After the firework festivities I headed out to Mugdock to use my new 15×70  Celestron Skymaster binoculars (prepare yourself for a review) – seemingly the neighbors are freaked out out by someone who has a tripod with giant binoculars set up in their living room.

If you have nothing to hide I say…


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