Kelvinography – Kelvin medical!

Another example for you chaps …

Kelvin medical practice

Don’t forget, if you guys see any good examples then let me know !


  1. Ally did u just call Ally P a wanker? LOL..only messing guys :D..Nice wee 2.5lb perch yesterday 😀

  2. That’s a cracking size o a perch Davie, whereabouts did you get it? I’m well limbered up and raring to go. I had a wise woman read the cards and they foresaw an epic season ahead on the kelvin. I intend to break the 2 pound barrier on the trout and catch a salmon on the dry fly.

  3. In about 9 years on the river, I`ve only managed 2 on the fly(one by mistake,……. if you can imagine the dumbest salmon on the planet…….). Nearly all are caught on spinners or worms.

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