It’s all kicking off on the twitter with the Glasgow Angling Centre

It must be difficult for the Glasgow Angling Centre right now trying to choose a fish of the week as folks angling has been curtailed in a major way. 

You can tell this because after a recent choice of a well squeezed grayling was chosen legendary fisher,writer and fly tyer Matt Eastham called them out on it resulting in him being blocked.

Turns out it has resulted in a flurry of banning by the GAC including George Barron of “At The End Of the line “ fame.

This, of course, coincides with the most excellent time of year online in the angling world which I like to call “pre spring madness” I used to put it down to folk getting new computers at Christmas, folk would then come online and start hurling abuse at each other as they did not know how to behave yet – I got my fair share in the good old days I can tell you. Check this out from a well known Kelvin Blowhard when he finally managed to get online and realised someone may be pushing in on his “patch” A word to the wise people, when someone shows you their true colors believe them the first time they interact with you.

Anyway, back to the fish of the week – at least it was not an out of season trout which are all over facebook just now as “personal bests”


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