In The Beginning…

I first saw the Kelvin through a gap in some trees. I was 16 at the time and it was a Saturday night. I know it was Saturday as on a Friday I went to the Boys Brigade (Now you understand how I know the words when I sing hymns to induce takes) so Saturday was always my night for some recreation. Not that I was absolutely mad keen on fishing at that time, well I was keen on fishing, I just did not do it all the time. I had just been through a rather messy couple of seasons fishing the River Leven with some pals who caught massive amounts of Salmon – I unfortunately had blanked spectacularly. I had therefore decided a summer of chasing girls, smoking cannabis and drinking cider (unfortunetly not in that order) was on the cards and all I did with gusto – considering how unlucky I was with girls I turned into a mean joint roller.

Anyway, this Saturday night I and a group of friends were roaming the streets and eventually went through some woods some distance away from where I lived. It was all very scary and new – I was a bit shy and awkard at that age.

We were looking for an outdoor party that was rumoured to be happening – we were sure there would be girls there we could impress with our amazing patter and joint rolling techniques. I did not know the area well and was intrigued to spot a flash of water through some trees.

It was slow moving and deep – it was also very brown. “What rivers that?” I asked a pal who lived close by “The Kelvin – it’s a shitehole” was the reply.

I looked at the river – it was dark but something about it made me wonder – I could see an opportunity beckoning but so was a party pushed on by peer group pressure.

The Kelvin was filed away for a later time.

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  1. nikki · August 22, 2007

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