I Know Some Stairs…

I know some stairs that lead to a path – you get to the stairs via a busy wee side street. When I was much younger I used to hang around that street corner getting up to mischief. Now pulling my waders on beside my car feels like a bit of mischief – especially if it is a stolen couple of hours.

The stairs lead down a path between bushes and trees – the stairs have been there for many years – as have the bushes and trees – the stairs lead to a wider path which ultimately leads to the destination.

Sometimes you pass dog walkers and joggers – sometimes young mums struggle up them with a pram – you do not meet hoards of people just the occasional other traveller.

I suppose the stairs have two destinations – out and in – out to the world above and in to the world below. You see these stairs take you from what is an urban environment and transport you to a green and blue strip that cuts through the city.

I know some stairs...

If you used these stairs you would look forward to them – as you use them you feel a change coming over you – a peace settling over you which only the destination can bring.

People will smile at you as you use the stairs – not because of your attire (and some people will smile at you because of that #grin#) but because you will have a smile on your face as you walk the stairs and it is nice to reciprocate.

The stairs are good and solid – long and not steep – I look forward to walking down them in the New Year and am glad you guys will be joining me once more.