I am reminded of the North Country Angler..

It was around a year ago that I finally met the legend that is Matt Eastham who writes over at North Country Angler. He took me to a spot on a river that he fishes and I had a ball – it was a lovely evening and I was immensely envious of the way that Matt makes chewing straw look cool as fuck!

He also wears a badass orange hat!

Anyway,  I have another trip planned for Centr Parks booked for next week and this time will not be joining him as we at some point will pass each other as he is heading up North to quite possibly be killed by midgies on the Isle of Sky!

Being the gent he is he sent me a day permit for the spot we fished last year – already I am anxiously looking at the weather forecasts under the guise of planning family barbecues when in actual fact it is choosing the best evening to catch some of Matt’s trout!




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  1. Jim Burns · June 30, 2012

    Would that be Whinfell Forest delivered in there some years ago and it looks great.
    Niece is a manager in the Sherwood Forest complex (always handy when visting).
    North Country Angler has always got some nice looking flies. Have tied up a few in the past and have always taken Kelvin trout with them.
    That will mean some nice photos of Cumbrian trout then Alistiar. Lucky man.