I am now mobile!

I passed my driving test today. I am now mobile- a full force attack of the Kelvin shall be happening, not just my usual haunts but some of the other tributaries as well.


  1. Hey, ya wash-oout ” non email answering duffer ” 🙂

    Big congrats on passing your test Alistair … I’m sure that’ll keep you out of mischeif … or maybe out of Claire’s hair 🙂

    So will this see you out looking for a new ” fly rod to keep in the boot ” … just incase ??

    I sometimes keep my 3peice, 9ft6 5wt, a small trout bag and a box of flies, is the boot .. just incase of emergencies like !! … I mean, you could be just driving along that road, minding your own business, when out of nowhere comes … OH I BETTER GO GET A TROUT … It does happen … well you should know :o)

    Congratulations, Well Done :o)

    Catch up soon ??

    George :o) … in Saltcoats .. ( FINPORT 🙂

  2. Alistair,

    Really great to hear that you are mobile now. Own car does give you few options I think.

    Do you promise to wear chest waders while driving?

  3. Well done Alisair,
    4 piece rod for next season on the cards then. Used to keep my 4 piece rod in my truck when running down to Lancashire. Parked up go and do a bit of fishing pick up a curry watch a bit of TV lying in my bunk then off to sleep. Oh good times and got payed for it aswell.Rod,waders and rest of gear packed nicely into cab storage. Car has always got my gear in it.

    Getting the car of your wife could your only thing that may hold you back.

  4. Congrats Alistair, very handy your new found freedom. I expect to see you on the Avon very soon, we have a lot of water still to cover and 2 cars are always useful

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