How is your Season?

Mine is quite frankly weird!

I have been hellish problems with my Mazda, before Christmas I managed to spend a ton of cash on it and now it appears to have a recurring oil leak that the mechanic is unable to locate. Since it has been in and out the garage my access to fishing has been limited.

Anyway, between garage visits I have been out on the Sea Lochs spinning for Sea Trout – for a couple of weeks I thought I had totally cracked it and could do no wrong.

However, suddenly everything got a bit difficult and it was almost impossible to catch any trout in the salt at all.

Sadly, I have still not had a chance to head down to the Kelvin yet however even with this low water the trout fishing has been excellent.

I received a couple of goodie bags in the post this month. A while ago I received an email from Fanatik Baits asking if I wanted to try some of their gear for LRF. I thought it all sounded a bit scammy however in the mail came quite the parcel with some great looking soft plastics.

Fanatik Baits

Not had a chance to try them out yet however the kids are enjoying freaking out their Mother with lying them around the place. They look so life like that she will not touch them.

My second parcel was from Buff who wanted me to try out some new, er, buffs. They sent me one that had a design of a trout and a new polar one. I do not actually need to make anything up as quite frankly I love buffs and think everyone should have one:

I Love Buffs

Obviously I will not be wearing the polar one soon however will enjoy breaking a new one in until the kids get it.

I have joined a wee local club that has a couple of wee reservoirs so will probably give them a bash before the midgies place a dark and evil cloud over life.

Will update you later!

So how is your season going?



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