Grayling…in the cold, wind, occasional snow flurry…

Enormous Grayling – that is what I was told. I have been putting off going “proper” grayling fishing for a while now. Not because I do not like Grayling – I just don’t like fishing for them. I can think of better things to do with my Saturdays than standing waist deep in freezing cold water slamming heavy bugs into the water to get them as deep as possible – then watching an indicator like a hawk for any subtle twitches or jiggles…

Like I say, I can think of better things to do – like tying flies, or even giving the Pike another go. However my two fishing buddies finally won me around with their talk of monster grayling that average at the 1.5lb mark.

It All Went Wrong

Alex the “Fishing Machine” blanked, Alan had one and lost one and I somehow managed to bring down the whole average grayling size by catching what I was told was probably the smallest grayling in the river.

Anyway, Alan’s grayling brought some excitement to the table – after losing one of around 2lb he then managed to land this one…

A quick dodge hero shot…this man knows Kung Fu you know—

I swear it took me a day to recover – On Monday I am going to throw streamers for trout!



  1. Hey Alistair excellent reading you trials and misfortunes but if you were serious at all regarding chucking streamers in for trout i actually have a dvd about fly fishing streamers for brownies and the most highly rates streamers where a waggy tail sculpin the fish i observed him catch in the dvd where a good 1.75Lb + so there you go the presenter cannot believe how it is not so popular in the UK yet it is a method used all over europe and the americas

  2. Alistair,
    A brave three fishers we were on Saturday. However, the river did not really show its true potential as usually the action is more consistant. I know its not really your style of fishing but its certainly something that Alex and i have really enjoyed this year and perhaps we will be able to persuade you to join us again next year in more pleasant conditions. In the meantime, i will be having a session on either the Avon or Clyde this weekend

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