Freaky Friday…

They say it is a brave angler that goes on the Kelvin on a Friday night – tonight I think I was a lucky one.

In the bushes they could not see me although I could hear them – they were obviously very drunk and shouting and fighting with each other.

“Keeeeeeeeeelly – fur fucks sake” 

“Moan tae fuck, wheres ma bottle”

I cast to rising trout at what I am starting to call “Madness Corner”

Madness Corner

You see there are always some trout rising here, however the drift has got to be exact, behind you there are bushes and trees and you must get your fly exactly into the correct place – madness.

“Come here I wanna another drink” shouted Kelly (I think)

Eventually I tied on a klinkhammer and finally I caught one of the trout – obviously something happened that aligned all the various variables that make a trout take an artificial instead of a natural…..It then wiggled out my hands taking the magical fly with it.

No matter, a few moments later I caught its pal – significantly small however just as grumpy to see me..

Hello grumpy - why you so sad?

I then wandered up and down a couple of hundred yards of water casting to rising fish and missing them.

Meanwhile, I think Kelly and co had started shagging (not the dance)

All in all a good couple of hours!


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  1. Paul R · June 8, 2012

    Shagging for a good couple of hours??? Did you time them, or were you watching?

  2. Alistair · June 8, 2012

    I could not help but hear – alas Kelly’s pal was not a virile lover and it lasted but a few moments.

    Poor Kelly!

    Classy boyfriend!

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