Five Things You Dont Know About Alistair Stewart

Tom Chandler over at Trout Underground in his business disguise decided to pass me the “Blog Tag” poison chalice where I get to share five things that you probably don’t know about me.
Considering I had a “100 things about me” page up for a year I don’t think there is anything left but for new readers or people who read through RSS here it is:

1.I am a Social Worker who “specialises” in the care management of people who have had brain injuries whether it is road traffic accidents, infections or assaults. I have a knack of forming relationships with people who ordinarily don’t engage well with people in authority.

2.I have dyslexia, not the kind that makes you read funny but the kind that makes you structure things strange. Yup, that is why on long posts you don’t have a clue what I am on about.

3.I love sci fi novels – my favorite author is Ian M Banks and his “Culture” novels, they are truly mind-blowing.

4.I built my last two computers, I get very obsessive about things- When I need to learn about something I suck up every bit of knowledge possible, this is probably why I like fishing so much, no matter how much you know you can still fluff it and mess things up.

5.I have a very eclectic music collection and taste- everything from techno to classical. Although I don’t like chart music much to be honest unless it is 80s chart music.

So there we have it !

Hmmmm, I now pass this on to…………..Looks around shiftily

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  1. Megan · December 15, 2006

    Sweet. Another fan of 80’s music! And here I thought I was alone in the world. (Found you via Trout Underground.)

    Cheers- Megan

  2. Alistair · December 15, 2006

    Welcome Megan,

    Stck around, it is nice meeting new folks đŸ™‚

    Nice Blog !!


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