Fishing blogs I think kick ass!

To be honest I think loads of blogs rock however I thought I would highlight a few here that really shine for me. I wish we had some kind of fishing oscar ceremony to show off these guys however we don’t so you will just have to put up with me telling you.

North Country Angler – Once you get past the outstandingly huge nymph he uses as a header (he only put it up as he won a competition with it – I like his style – I would be riding that wave for 5 years) you come across some well written thought out posts which give a fantastic insight into fishing his own neck of the woods.

His photos are superb and I note several gargantuan trout of the brown variety he has caught. He is taking a wee break from blogging just now however maybe if you guys head over there and give him some credit and a boost he will let us know what Spring is like on the Eden. I promise I have not made him first on the list as I will be spending some time in the Lakes in the Summer and need someone to give me info. (by info I mean exact coordinates of where to park a motor vehicle and permit availability) #smile#

Fly Fishing in South Wales – Tell me, who among you do not read Gareth’s blog? If you do not then head over their now and check out his molecular sized flies (some of which are not in the Royal Mail heading in the direction of my fly box). Gareth was a reader and commentator here before realizing he could take this whole blogging thing to a whole new level – he is now a registered instructor and has another site at Gareth Lewis Fishing.  Gareth loves small streams so therefore can do no wrong in my book. He is a handsome chap who I think should be given his own TV show even if it is because I want to be dragged along to some exotic destination as an “advisor” He came up to Scotland a few years ago just as a cold front swept in so totally blanked however still had a good time – I left him fishing the Clyde due to a horrible migraine, ugh! Top bloke – go read his stuff!

Taunted by Waters – Jeffrey Prest is paper magazine “Trout Fisherman” editor. So what caught me eye first about  “Taunted by Waters” ? was it the good writing?, the interesting articles?, the insight into what folk at “Trout Fisherman” discuss in the office? No – it was the picture he uses in his sidebar – it makes him look like Grandpa Munster.

The Munsters

I jest, I jest – it is those other reasons – the good writing and articles and all that jazz. Check him out!

(or your blood gets sucked)

Tamanawis – When Mike actually updates his blog with a post it is actually quite good. In the meantime you can read stuff from the past. Nuff said.

Singlebarbed – The man took an ordinary pair of fly tying scissors and a ring and suddenly BAM :the “sixth finger scissors” were born – making tying flies approx 10 seconds faster.  What else will that crazy mind come up with ?

K.Barton - not selling Snake Oil!

K.Barton was also the chap who came up with the term “Brownlining” – that is fishing in the shite to you and me – as opposed to blue lining which is fishing in nice clear country streams. Top bloke – I use his sixth finger and love it!

Who is next?

Wayward Fly Fishing – #nervous laughter# He tried normal once. he got bored.  So he stopped doing it – and believe me you can tell. I am actually still working through his archives – check out his post on October 8th, it is an eye opener.

Pike Fly Fishing Articles – Ok – here is the deal – ANYONE who fishes for Pike on the fly and has this graphic of their quarry on their blog should be taken seriously:


That fish looks as if it is about to pull out a baseball bat and beat the angler fishing for it into a pulp – and then feed the pulp to the fish it is about to eat.

He also uses a magnificent Jvice – this is probably why his flies are so good.

Trout Underground – Does Tom Chandler need any introduction? Not only does he write consistently good stuff he also somehow manages to juggle being a father with a helluva lot more fishing than I seem to do. He obviously has some secret going on that he is not telling anyone –  he probably makes it all up with stock photos or something – even if that is true it sure is a still a lot of fun. He also still links here as “Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin” which is kinds sweet however sucks for SEO.

The Unaccomplished Angler – Ok – listen guys – I know you do not actually read Urban Fly Fisher for the in depth articles about how to fish (which is just as well really) and the Unaccomplished Angler  is kinda another blog in the same vein – a satirical look at fishing. I love it – he said he was jacking it all in a while ago however has been back posting so I am happy.

A Matter of Life and Fluff Chucking – When I think of crazy bastards I automatically think of McFluffchucker – another Pike fiend who ties great flies and is always up for a bit of the banter.

He scares us...

Look at those eyes – just look at them – you can tell he is serious as he wears his hat backwards. I always think he looks a bit like the Terminator (even though no Pike are terminated)

Nadder Diary – Yet another super sweet and slick site that also has great content – his photos are great . One recent post I really enjoy his when he was invited to fish a wee lake and caught a few species after some speculative fishing.

And thats it for now – I have another few blogs I think kick ass which I will tell you about later – in the meantime check out these ones.

Any blogs you guys recommend?


  1. David · March 6, 2011

    Thanks for the heads up on the blogs, there were a couple in your list I didn’t know about.

    I would recommend Irish fly fisher

    Its an Irish blog(obviously), it’s not a witty, irreverent look at the sport but more of a serious, informative log of the authors fishing trips, his knowledge and love of the pursuit of good fishing throughout Ireland shines through. I am jealous as he seems to get time to fish some wonderful rivers and lakes over here. There are also sections on fly fishing entomology and tying, with pictures for numpties like me to educate myself. Worth a look and maybe a plug on your roll of honour.

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