Fish Wild – April 2007 Online

The April edition of Fish Wild is now online.

I particulary like Mike Connors article on what makes somebody an angler.

What many people completely fail to understand is that the number or size of fish is basically irrelevant to a true angler. Indeed, a true angler will quite happily spend hours trying to catch minnows, or even just watching a fish!

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  1. Spent a couple of hours on the water today,trotting small worms in the tree-pool,and landed two brown trout.The first was a good fish-nudging the pound mark,and the other was a typically sized half pounder.It was bitterly cold though-and did not see any flies coming off the water!

  2. Good Grief Charlie – yur a brave Kelvinator right enough, it was bitter today. A trout of around a pound is a fine trout though – was it in good condition ?

  3. Yes! it was plump.It has obviously been feeding well in the mild weather we had recently-come april/may it should be much larger.Also spent a half hour watching the sparrowhawk starting her nest-very intrerestng!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day Charlie, great news about the sparrowhawk !

    By the way, you email addy is still bouncing back – the yahoo one !

  5. P.S-read that dudes article-most of it would make you want to top yourself,but i can totally relate to paragraph 16-and he’s bang on!you can only achieve this sense if you are in tune with your surroundings-and not enough anglers know this,and therefore do not develop it-and catch fewer fish as a direct result of this.He was unfair on put and take fisheries though-they can be important for bringing newcomers to the sport,and offer the novice a good chance to learn how to cast the fly and play a fish-and not clutter up his river!

  6. Also on the subject of wildlife-are there any otters in your stretch?ther has been a breeding pair down here for a few years now,and they have been doing very well(mabey thats why the sea trout dont hang about).

  7. Charlie,

    “most of it would make you want to top yourself”

    You old cynic you 😉

    Its funny you should say that about the otters – I know there is a breding pair down in the city and I have always found that a bit odd – it is the one place you would expect them not to hang around much – I would expect to see some evidence up past gasrscube and further to the Junction pool but have never seen any evidence of any. I am sure there must be some up there though.
    Seen planty of voles though 🙂

  8. The otters are extremely shy down here-you’ve got to be on the river very early/late to have any chance of a sighting-they’re most active at night!

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