First Trout Trip!

Actually, looking at it this is my third trout trip.

I had a session at Carbeth Fishery  with a group of disabled guys that I help through work and had caught a few slobs in the fly only pool including what might actually be my biggest rainbow on the fly. It was in the teens, I spotted it being stocked on the Carbeth Facebook page so I know it was the big one.

I then had a half hour session on my urban burn, you remember the one that had been cleaned out by guys looking for Pike bait. It has still not recovered.

So we decided that on Friday we would fish Paul’s new syndicate loch. A day bobbing about in a boat catching stockies while getting over a horrible chesty cold sounded great.

I had forgotten that the temperature would be horrifically low and that I was not yet fully recovered.

Paul had several new gadgets he wanted to try out, his electric engine and a couple of boat seats. As there was three of us I graciously sat on a soggy cushion however as Alex nearly tipped out the boat as his seat was wobbly I was glad I did not have the added stress of certain death to deal with.

Alex as usual consistently caught trout all day. If you take Alex to a dirty ditch I am sure he could haul in a couple of pounders caught on a humongous.  I eventually worked out that he was fishing a lot deeper than we were and when I finally managed to get my fly deep enough i was awarded with a nice wild trout.

Alex told us a story about when he was fishing up at Lamington on the Clyde and he was fishing with a lure like fly to get deep. A chap on the opposite bank was observing him and telephoned some official to find out if it was against the rules. Finding out it was not he suggested that Alex go and fish for salmon or something with his lures and not trout. All this was overheard by Alex. If you fish all year with a bloody dry fly you are going to catch a fraction of the fish you would have by changing tactics lamented Alex.

Paul blanked however he was comfy in his seat.


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  1. tommy · April 15, 2017

    Coulter is not a syndicate loch but is a club loch rented from Scottish water by Larbert and Stenhousemuir angling club, hope you enjoyed your day.

  2. Alistair · April 15, 2017

    I sure did Tommy!