First steps with LRF

So to be honest my first steps with[amazon_link id=”B00R1IQDG4″ target=”_blank” ]LRF (2 Piece) – Black, 6.9 ft[/amazon_link] has been pretty shit. I bought the gear at the tale end of last Autumn and then it rained for ages. When I did manage to get out I was just having no luck whatsoever.

You see the thing is most people that take this up no a bit about sea fishing so kinda know what they are doing – it is a bit like Tenkara, your average fly angler would quickly grasp the concept and then run with it.  I simply did not have the basics in hand.

Anyway, today I set out to catch something and thankfully Poseidon was smiling at me (or possibly laughing)

A suitable Sea Loch was chosen..

A suitable Sea Loch was chosen..

I perched on some slippy rocks and cast out quite far and then twitched my worm thing back slowly. I had actually abandoned fishing at a pier because it was so exposed to the wind plus a seagull kept dive bombing me so perched on the rocks next to some deeper water was comforting. Suddenly I felt a wiggle (something I had felt before but it had never come to anything) and I pulled the most ugly beautiful looking wee fish from the salty water that I have ever seen.

Scorpion Fish

Scorpion Fish

Well, I had seen them in photos but never one in my actual hand. I then had to work out how to hold the beast, this proved remarkably easy and it was released once more. I then decided a change of tactics was in order. I had been reading over on Luremaniac about using jig heads so I tried one of them. I cast out a wee 2g jig head and then twitched it back towards me – this time whatever took proper bent my rod and took some line. It was around this point that I slipped on the rocks ending up on my side however in true top dog style I kept the rod up and when I managed to get myself to my feet I pulled on my 2nd ever fish to the LRF rod and my first ever Coalfish. (edit: turns out it is a Codling)


coalfish (edit: turns out it is a Codling)

It was around this point I felt I was just getting heated up however it was now almost time to pick the boy up from school so had to make a hasty exit. My rod is still set up in my garage.

I think I may be getting the hang of this…




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  1. Jack Prendergast · June 15, 2015

    It’s great fun to catch those little fish on the LRF gear. I think you’ve caught a little codling there not a coal fish.

  2. Colin wilson · June 15, 2015

    It’s great fun Alastair , I bet that wee codling gave a great account of it’s self on light gear.

  3. Alistair · June 15, 2015

    I thought it was a Coalish!

    Told ya I knew nowt about this!