End of Season Stuff(ed)

Seeing as how it feels like Scotland is about to be shafted by the Tories and weirdly by around just over half its own people the end of season has been pretty shit. I had a trip out with Alex last week which resulted in no pike caught. I reckoned we were wasting our time as we should have been their at dusk, I wish I had that startling thought in the morning instead of when we were waste deep in the loch.

I met up with Paul to see if we could tempt some Kelvin trout but for me it jst did not happen. I was pissed off and grumpy after battling my way to the river only to find no trout for my efforts. We were fishing an upstream stretch of the Kelvin and the vegetation was out of control.

There is no Path,,
There is no Path..

I wouldn’t mind so much but then you get to the river and you have a roughly 8 foot drop into the river which pretty much scares all the trout away. The 8 foot drop is essentially the original river bed that was scooped out and left on the bankside so that the river does not break its banks.

Of course when I slipped into the water I was almost up to my armpits in it, a few feet later it was around a foot deep. I had managed to slide into the only deep hole in a hundred meter stretch.

Paul was doing better...
Paul was doing better…

Paul was doing better as he manged to miss a few trout so I watched him for a bit and got annoyed as the sun then came out. We then went down the Allander however it was so overgrown, low and milky then I did not see any point in casting.

After getting home I thought I would cheer myself up and post a thought that I had earlier and them almost immediately lost a follower who thought my bad language was inappropriate.

What can I say, he said it with such a straight face I cannot believe he lied.

I am glad he did not read the post about when I asked a pal to ask her pal who was having a baby to shave her vagina so I could tie some super powered wooly buggers. 


  1. Jizz on flies and shaved beaver…..2 things I did not imagine I would be reading about on your blog!

    Well done sir!


  2. Ha! The only alternative I’ve tried is Gink.
    To be honest with you , my flies ain’t worth a w***!

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