Dusk – flat calm!

What is it they say – the biggerthere the wave the bigger the fly – well there is no wave and my flies are tiny.
I am sitting here beside this lovely wee lake typing this – I will post it when I get some kind of reception on my phone.
It has been boiling all day and now it is cool and calm – oh help ma boab – I just felt a midge….eak!
I can see nice trout rising in the middle of the lake and the ones I have seen close in have been just out of range – they always are – grin !
I am going to stay another half hour or so and if nothing happens head back to the tent for a glass of the red stuff !

Aye aye – there are some big splashes out there – wish I had a tube now as this place would be perfect !

Right – seen a fish so away I go!

Update: caught nowt and forgot my torch so had to stumble along a rocky path in the dark – the campsite we are staying at has badgers however I have not seen any yet – was hoping to see one when I got back however all I got was torch in the face – also a bird managed to get in the tent so I had to get it out – could have been worse ….. could have been a sheep!



  1. Alright Alistair..looks good down there ..get the bait rod out..get the wire traces and smelt or lamprey and catch a lovely big pike ..and while ur waiting get the spinning rod out with a nice bulldog or jelly trout..You never know u might end up with a monster brown trout taking ur dead bait 😀

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