Dry fly – loch style!

Ewen, a pal from London was in town and he wanted to meet up for a fish. He had actually messaged me when I was up on my highland river and I had said he could have joined me if he had contacted me a few hours earlier. Aye, he could have joined me in blanking spectacularly and being eaten by around a billion midges. 

Instead after weighing up all the options we settled on my local pond – I had not taken the trek up the hill in a while and the trout had been unmolested for quite long enough. 

The day started off overcast and was perfect however by the time he picked me up the sun was blazing down – no matter at least when we got to the loch there was a nice wave.

Not being one to stress about loch flies I stuck on two likely looking black things was good to go. 

We worked out that that the last time we had fished together was nearly 10 years ago when we fished for Pike together on Lomond.

After gearing up he politely shooed me away to fish and I wandered over to the dam wall and very quickly got into a lovely two pounder that fought like crazy – it fair pulled the 7 weight over. 

After trying for longer at the wall we then moved down to the bottom of the loch – Ewen stopped off as there was some trout rising and I fished a drop off. He called me over and we both switched to dry flies. I tied on a deer hair sedge and cast out to roughly where the trout were dimpling the surface – we had no idea what they were taking – suddenly a trout took my fly and I struck, it jumped clean out the water. 

I edited a bit where I dropped the fish.

I caught another lovely trout which for once someone was around to film. 

Eventually Ewen caught one on the dry as well – however it slipped out of his hands before I could get to him for a hero shot.

The sun was low in the sky and the pond just seemed off with no action – we headed home before we were both skunnered. 

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  1. Sam Riddington · August 16

    Decent looking fish and cracking scenery. Nice.