Curry Rods!

Tonight (Tuesday) was pretty good.

I have been in communication with a reader who very kindly swapped his old Greys GRX for a filleting knife (I had to press the swapped part). Dougie fishes lakes and lochs mostly and had also neen stung by the appalling Hardy/Greys total disregard of their agreements and promises when putting together their “unlimited lifetime warranty” 

Later when I got to the West End Playrooms with the kids I got the rod out – it was only then that I realised that Dougie had made a rod tube for it and a fine job he had made of it. I suspect Dougie also likes curry as their was curry powder all over the handle and the rod bag was saturated with it – I am now looking forward to a nice curry – it really got me in the mood.


Anyway, down to the Kelvin to swish it about in the hopes of a fish – the water has lost its peaty red look and is now looking grey. The secretary for the club had found clay being discharged into the river from a tributary which made it the red colour and that has now abated.

The grey colour is pretty usual however every now and then there would be a whiff of sewage from some of the bigger pipes.

Looking a bit grey

I met legendary Jim Burns and after a quick chat I walked up the river and caught a lovely fish that I spotted rising under a bridge. I was using a wee Klink and had spotted a whirl in the water … It took after just a few casts.

This is probably the nicest trout I have caught out the Kelvin in a month!

I am hoping the Kelvin is now starting to get back to its normal self after all that rain.

I have been hearing rumblings about Autumn being on its way and the thought is terrifyingly real.


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  1. Patrick Mackreth · August 15, 2012

    I’m interested to see the term “lakes and lochs” in your intro piece. I thought that all lakes (of any size) were lochs in Scotland; if that is the case, what is the size distinction?

  2. Alistair · August 15, 2012

    In Scotland we only have one natural Lake and that is the Lake of Mentieth. I believe it is purely because in Scotland we call them Lochs and not Lakes – so it is just words as opposed to any physical attributes. So essentially they are one and the same, it is just names.