Camped a night at loch Lomond – midge madness !

Two views , one of the view from the camp …..


And one of my leg in the morning when the evil little bastards descended on me as I was packing the camp up !


If you have never experienced the Scottish midges I assure you it is the quickest route to madness that one can take !


  1. Always have a bottle of Avons skin so soft in the car best think on the market. Now issued to British troops.

  2. Where do you get this wonder ointment! I do not have an Avon lady that comes to the door – I believe their is different kinds and only certain types work?

  3. I got the mrs 2 order it 4 me I wasn’t 2 sure what bottle 2 get but there’s reviews on the stuff I went 4 the blue bottle. Hope this helps

  4. My golf club pro has a stock on the shelf.. up at Milngavie golf club…

    Give a man a fish and he’ll feed his family for a day,
    teach a man to fish and he’ll sit round on a boat all day drinking beer

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