Breaking Ducks & Rods..

So two ducks were broken (not literally) over the last couple of days – firstly I fished with a new member (Bridger) who caught his first Kelvin trout and secondly I have finally had a fly rod break.

It did not die due to a fish, a bush, a tree or a stumble resulting in a snap. It was a simple accident with the closing of a car door by one of my children that caused it.

I had left my waders,boots, vest and rod in the front seat of the car – of course I had not put the rod away as I was planning on using it again soon – the time factor of getting it out its protective bag seemed too long. And anyway, it was propped up out the way – it must have slipped!

It was my first proper river rod and was a budget Greys GRX 8 foot 6 4/5 – this was the first season in a few that I had got it out my loft and I have been loving using it. Out of all my rods the action suits my casting style and it really is a pleasure to use !

I have contacted Hardy/Greys so lets see what happens!

So last night I was out again – thankfully I have another river rod in my Orvis Troutbum and already it was attracting the wildlife like crazy.

Attracting the life!
As I parked my car I noticed the Legendary Jim Burns was already parked up however he was nowhere to be seen for the first hour or so – at the spot we were fishing it seemed a bit chilly and as it got gradually darker the trout started to respond. I met Bridger and walked to the long pool that has been so kind over the last few nights. He got into position and caught his first Kelvin trout like a pro….

Like a pro...

 He wanted to know out of the few fish that were rising and he had covered how many we would have caught – Burns would have caught them all and I would have probably caught none. It was then my turn to target the rising trout and as the trout were paying no heed to my offerings Burns and Bridger wandered off to catch some more trout. Meanwhile I was getting refusal after refusal – I could see the trout that was boiling on the surface cruise up, inspect my fly and then cruise back down to the depths again – I put on a size 24 klink (you read that right) however they were having none of it.

Burns in action!

 At around 9pm all the action stopped and Burns suggested we head to another spot – now here is where it gets interesting as the other spot was only a couple of Kilometers upstream and it was alive with rising trout and fly life – it was maybe shaded from the wind or something. I had a cast for Jims fish and then moved upstream – Jim caught his pet monster trout and I had a lovely one that I lost at my hand.

I really need to start carrying my net!



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