Before the rain…

Fishing has been slow of late for a few reasons. One is that I have not had the chance to have my usual couple of hour sessions on the Kelvin due to living just too far out of reach to make it feasible. This will be less of an issue come July when the kids are out of their nursery and I get my car back for full days instead of half days, in the past I was able to just dive to the river after work whereas now I get to get the train in home. I seem to be in this weird transition of part of my life being still in Anniesland.

Come July I will have some interesting local places to check out – Sea Trout in the salt for one. Not that t wont have that urban vibe, my pal told me his dog came back with a drug habit after walking down the beach the other day due to the discarded needles.

Anyways, Friday I did actually manage a short session however the general vibe was one of something has already happened and something will happen later. Basically the trout had already fed for the day and were just waiting for the sun to dip before starting to feed again.

Looking upstream, a few risers but sporadic!

Looking upstream, a few risers but sporadic!

Sure I spotted a few trout rising however they were firmly in the one rise every 10 minute category. I walked up the river and it was nice to be spotting wildlife, I marveled at how green everything is. The spring this year has been especially kind to us and I have been enjoying watching my new garden spring into life as well. Speaking of life…


Its now downhill all the way…

I spotted a trout next to a bush and it rose twice, I cast and it took. I think it may have been my first proper kelvin trout of the season. I know that other guys including the legendary Jim Burns have been pulling them in however I was still pleased.

Still pleased!

Still pleased!

I packed up my gear and headed up the road. I have had two days of entertaining the kids as my wife was working and am now pretty keen to get some fishing done, any kind of fishing. I think this is why I looked out the spinning rod as a back up for some salt action this week hopefully.

How have you guys been getting on?

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  1. LoveKayak · May 25, 2014

    Hey Alistair, it’s great isn’t it to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of nature. I love fly fishing as it gives me the opportunity to do just that.