Any room in your bothy brother?

I was browsing around looking for the usual knick knacks that one may need for a day on the river and found myself perusing the survival area of Outwood Sports. I find myself looking at stuff that I may want however do not actually need.
A classic example is the Lifesystems Survival Bothy.

For around forty bucks you get survival bothy for up to 12 people which is seemingly ideal as emergency protection from the elements for a group of hikers or mountaineers and I assume anglers. Ideal for those that get lost in the hills when hunting for distant lochs.
I am reminded of a story I read on a forum about a couple of anglers who knew the route to a distant loch extremely well, it was halfway up a mountain. As they were coming down the mountain fog descended however they knew exactly where they were going. They met a group of hill walkers with all the gear: backpacks, walking sticks, massive jackets and dressed up for what looked like an artic exhibition, they were also very lost. They looked at the couple of anglers, dressed in waders and a T-shirt’s walking purposefully forward and after a bit of thought asked for some advice.
The two anglers gave them the best advice on how to get back down the mountain and went on their way. Later they wondered about the stories the walkers would recount about the couple of crazies they met on a distant hill.


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