And now the Wild Fishing Forum is shutting down ..

The blogging fly fishing scene is pretty much wiped out these days. All the guys that started not long after me are now long gone and I appear to have outlasted most of the the other fishing bloggers that thought they would have a go. The blogs that I used to regulary visit are now years out of date and I find it odd that they just stopped – like someone was at a party and they nipped to the loo and just never came back. At least Becks and Brown Trout stated they were having a break for a bit. It can give you a bit of closure knowing that someone may come back one day. The problem is that sometimes people forget about you and the readers that you built up just dont come back – not you buggers though as I send you an email every time I post.

Of course, it is all bloody Facebook these days. Any old numpty can create a facebook group or page and act like the big man and attract folk like shite round a stick without having any real talent or skill. I put it down to social media overload, people can only accept so much social media in their lives that it starts and ends with facebook with some youtube thrown in for good measure.

Not that I am jelous or anything, it all just seems so dishonest. I remember the days that bloggers were sent some gear to review every now and again – honest reviews that provided a bit of trust. Then the big guys got involved and the gear was sent to “professional fishers” with blogs, in other words guys that made a living promoting the stuff that was being sent to them. They have all buggered off to facebook as well now.

Have you considered starting a blog for our business?Yes? Please wear this wanky shirt at a game fair

And now of course everyone has bought in to the advertising that the big companies put out. I did warn you a while ago about Hardy using subliminal messeges to sell rods.

Oh yea, so what is the point of all this – basically one of the best fly fishing forums which focussed on Scotland is shutting down – The Wild Fishing Forum

It will be a sad day.

Anyone know any good fishing blogs that are still on the go?


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  1. Mr Angry · February 9, 2020

    I hear the urban fly fisher is still going strong. That’s all that matters!

  2. Alistair · February 9, 2020

    You are far too kind 🙂

  3. TC/Trout Underground · February 9, 2020

    C’mon, blogging’s for old guys and weirdos.

    I knew any hope for fly fishing’s blogosphere was done for when I went to one of the Denver fly fishing shows and watched the manufacturers paying video guys for what amounted to vacation videos while I couldn’t even get support to write enviro stories. After a negative review of somebody’s dangerously slippery wading boots, the chance to review equipment disappeared too.

    I still follow the handful of bloggers who do the work (always nice to see a post), but writing the good stuff is a hell of a lot of work, especially when you’re trying to keep the kids in shoes and dinner.

  4. Andrew Tucker · February 9, 2020

    Hey dont write me of yet …. I just wanted a break for a month or two , Whilst i concentrate on another writing project . Also Just sent in another last cast piece for FF and Fly Tying magazine . Truth is I could just knock something out to keep the blog going but dont want to do that , I enjoy it to much . So thinking about altering the content slightly to freshen things up…

    Becks and brown Trout isnt dead its just resting ….


  5. Alistair · February 9, 2020

    I still remember trying to convince manufacturers to send me a product to review. We don’t advertise on the internet I was told. In other words , we can’t control what people write .

    Incidentally , the only company that has sent me something in the last couple of years is Rio , they sent me a couple of lines which was very nice of them.

  6. Alistair · February 9, 2020

    Nice one Andrew , aye, I’ve been known to have some downtime as well when nothing much is happening. Looking forward to when you are back.

  7. Alistair · February 9, 2020

    I gave up on reviewing boots – they always look good th efirst few times you wear them and then they disintergrate like sherbert in the water.

  8. Stu · February 9

    Truly wild brown trout angling is getting harder to find – the peace & solace locations are sheinking as mire & more take to the hills.

  9. Andy · February 9

    Alistair years ago did get a credit from a well known big store to spend 50 quid on anything I wanted on the condition that I would review what I bought . Well I bought a few things but when I emailed them to say what I bought was shite and offered to send the stuff back I never heard from them again.