Aaaaaand back to the “K”

For trout fishing the Kelvin has been absolutely bloody awful for over a month now. I thought thas as we did not have any major downpours over the weekend it would be ok for Sunday night however as soon as I arrived I wondered why it was a dirty brown – it was fishable however only just.

Fishable – only just!

I met Stephen (who is also a Crown Bailiff) on the river (he also would not let me throw any streamers as it was the Sabbath) and we had a few hours casting to incredibly picky trout that I suspected were small.

Stephen surveys…

Stephen showed me a technique to attract the bats to you whereby you rub your thumb and index finger together. I have no idea why you would want to do that. That was about as exciting as the few hours got – oh we each had boils at our fly of what could have been nice trout.

We decided if the Kelvin remains pish for trout we would attack the Pike.

Over and Out!



  1. Out tonight and as you said Alistair trout were picky but where Stephen was standing with his rod pointing to the river held a baeuty of a trout. Had another go at the good size trout we had tried for last time we were out. Covered it with dry fly ,it had a look but did not like the look of it only got one go at it. Sly sod.

  2. Was the river in better condition Jim? I would have liked to get out last night however the youngest has the chicken pox which has resulted in him not going to bed – which means no fishing for me 🙂

  3. Still had a bit of colour, if only we could get a good stretch of dry weather. Have seen salmon sitting in a few places.

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