A month long picture dump..

I hope you chaps have not been feeling neglected due to the lack of posts.

It has been a strange season all round and not just because of the lack of rain. I had a chat with a pal about it a while ago and what he told me has been mulling around in my head – Since moving house back in January I have too much choice. You see, if you look back in my blog you will see a fairly constant pattern, I get in from work have dinner and then hit the Kelvin, if it is good then it is good if bad then bad, no big issue. If travelling to another destination then some amount of planning is required. However, over the last season I now have within striking distance including the Kelvin – 7 lochs, 6 rivers, the estuary, a couple of sea lochs. There is a lot more fishing than that however that is kinda the core. Species: trout, sea trout, pike and sea fish – there is also lots of salmon fishing. One of the rivers I have been hitting for summer evenings I now think was a bit of a mistake as it needed more water. I am now thinking that I should have been hitting the Kelvin instead of the other river during the summer months, by all accounts the Kelvin has fished exceptionally well for trout this year.

The fishing has been good however I think it will be next season before everything fully clicks together for me so that I know exactly what I want to do and when I want to do it depending on rainfall, tide times and hatches. Here are some pictures from the last month..

I just cannot believe how fast the season has swept past us. It is hardly a month before the trout rods are put away for another season. I woke up this morning to a fine autumn morning. I hit the kelvin after work thinking I may get some nice late trout around the science park however even though I covered some risers they were not for taking my dry. On reflection I think I should have went upstream to the skate park beat.

Anyway, for the next couple of months It is time to get the pike gear out and try and catch a doubler!


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  1. joe breen · September 12, 2014

    Home is where the heart is . Ave had some great fish this season
    But no salmon yet !

  2. Russell Iles Kapunda · September 12, 2014

    Alistair, Great shots.
    Wish that my fishing was as good as your photography.
    Naturally any photos related to fishing are always interesting, especially as I am a SW fisher & our species are different.
    Thought the two birds were absolutely delightful
    I often say that It is more than just the fishing, the bird shots tell me I could be right.
    Continue to enjoy.

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