5 reasons why you should go on a work party

1. You will meet fishers and make new friends.
2. You will see new stretches of water you would not otherwise see.
3. You will find out about easy access to the river.
4. You will get cookies.
6. Ultimately you will understand what it takes to improve habitat and fishing so you will gain knowledge to make you a better Fisher.


You will find such gems as this....

So, if you can think of another reason let me know!

6 comments to 5 reasons why you should go on a work party

  • Paul

    It will keep you fit!

  • Judging by the sweat that was dripping off Atkins brow I agree with that!

  • Jim Burns

    Seeing the Kelvins wild life first hand and just how close you can be to them.
    Ye you do get a work out on the work parties but its worth it when you see the benefits of the work that’s being done. Also seeing the river at different heights gives you the edge on knowing where fish will be lying.

  • Hey Jim, I have text you a few times – do I have the correct number?

  • Jim Burns

    Yes correct number. Had left my phone in my truck its been in the garage.
    Condorrat, Lenzimill on the Luggie look great sections a wee recay on the cards.

  • I was looking at it on google maps and it looks mighty fine – small stream stuff but any money it is stuffed with trout!

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