A walk in the park – part five!

Fishing buddy Alex got a parking ticket here while fishing last week!

A walk in the park- part four!

Lovely runs- so clear looks like a chalkstream in places!

A walk in the park – part three!

First pool we come to – I have the boy with me – is the fanny pad pool ….

A walk in the park – part two.

Like I say – a few mins later I am in the kelvin corridor next to the river!

A walk in the park – part one

Going for a walk along the river today – I will post as I go! This is a five min walk from the river!

Dash to the river…

Ok – so Sunday I had a plan – the plan was to do some family stuff in the morning and then head down to the town stretch of the River Kelvin in the afternoon – the key of course was to sell this to my wife as some play time for her and the […]

Tenuous Fishing Photos 19/52

Phew that was close – I nearly missed out the 19th tenuous fishing photo – rather monkey like I am actually going to post somebody else’s photo – Gary Wingate sent me this picture of a spot of Pike rash!

No doubt earned after a tussle with a mighty beast!

You can see more […]

The Kelvin – new seating area for anglers?

Regarding the new fly only rule on a Sunday – today was bliss – sure at the stretch we were fishing you do not usually meet anyone anyway – however once the Salmon start coming into the river I think the rule will start coming into its own – once more guys start fishing for […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

Sedge are out on the kelvin! # Lovely- seen a rainbow on the way into work! http://twitgoo.com/ustbk # Caught nowt on the tay! http://twitgoo.com/uvtl4 #

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Lots of flies – no trout!

The Kelvin has been seeing huge Grannom hatches however as consistent with most rivers the trout do not even give them a second glance – I spent a few hours on the Kelvin a couple of days ago late afternoon to find very few trout even willing to take the nymph – which made me […]

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