That Friday Feeling!

I got that Friday feeling – thankfully this week it was actually yesterday – today I had a day off – physiotherapy has instructed me to make sure my ankle does not seize up so I scheduled in a walk along the Kelvin valley – the boy accompanied me!

First stop was the entrance into […]

Tenuous Fishing Photos 17/52

This is a picture from last Sunday – sewage leaking into the river from an old pipe. This was reported to SEPA last year as well.


This kind of shit makes our rivers stink and drives people away – it is pretty bad for the fish and insect life as […]

Tenuous Fishing Photos 16/52

I appear to have missed last weeks tenuous fishing photo – so here it is here – if you follow me on Twitter you have probably already seen this however to me it was an important moment – finally after months of freezing temps and many long minutes spent river gazing I finally spotted some […]

Scott Loudon Fly Casting Tuition

You might not have noticed this but I tend to spend a lot of time on the net trawling through fishing forums – I also love the fact that people have read this blog and become involved enough to actually post comments and email me.

I also love it when someone I have watched develop […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

The gods have made it rain and cold! Is volcanic ash the problem? # Just seen my first trout of the year rise … it was on a wee burn I pass on the way to work! # Rio heard my complaints about tippet and kindly sent me some to review! #

Slow Start – First Trout!

It has been a slow start to the season – I was full of enthusiasm on Sunday when I hit the Kelvin as I fully expected to see a major March Brown hatch (possibly) however I learned later that all the fly action had pretty much ceased – it turned out the trout did not […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

Going to Glasgow angling centre to buy tippet … but what make? # Two chaps say Rio.. that will be next if the current frog hair turns into mush! # Drinking red wine and eating tapas! # Drinking too much wine .. people are questioning my ability to fish tomorrow! # Now moved on […]

Tenuous Fishing Photos 15/52

Do they need to get any more tenuous than this..


Where do people use this stuff?

And what do trout think it is?

You can see more tenuous fishing photos here

Last Sunday..

You would have thought I could have been a bit quicker with this post however I not only managed to lose my camera charger I also managed to lose my camera data cable – I found the data cable tonight so managed to transfer some photos .

It might LOOK like […]

Tenuous Fishing Photos 14/52

I should really try and get these out earlier than the end of the week – next week (tomorrow or today if you are reading this on Monday) will be the 15th week which should be pretty interesting as the trout season is now under way – I only have one problem – I have […]