Friends of the River Kelvin!!

So someone from the Friends of the River Kelvin left a messege in my guest book.

Friends of the River Kelvin – monthly clean-ups along various stretches of kelvin – first Saturday of month (except Jan) 10.30am (till 12.30pm …) all welcome. gloves, wellies, bags provided. Meet at FORK HQ: Ha’penny Bridge House, on the […]

leader thingy

Well, now here is a thingus that might be interesting.

That might mean that I could use a tapered leader without actually worrying about buggering it up……need to get a couple for next season I reckon. Worth trying anyway 🙂

To Rise a Trout!

I was asked the other day to recommend a good fly fishing book. I would recommend “To Rise a Trout”. It was in an old bookshop but I have found a copy on Amazon….To Rise a Trout Its is primarilly dedicated to fishing the dry fly. For those starting out or people who just want […]

Atlantic Salmon Zoom In @ National Geographic Magazine

Atlantic Salmon Zoom In @ National Geographic Magazine I was looking through these photographs by Paul Nicklen. Lovely the way they have been shot. Gander through the photographs and you come to pictures of 40lb Salmon resting in a pool in Quebec’s Causapscal River.

changing colours..Site update


Check out the updated site….. urban flyfishing

I think the style flows over much better now….When you go to the flow section the garscube stretch opens in a new window, so does the blog for that matter! Just go and test it out for me 🙂 Oh yea…..if you look at the little rollover […]


So I have not been fished the Kelvin in around a month now……jeepers. Today is the last day of the trout season here in good ole Scotland and the last month has been a washout. This Saturday I am going to head down to the kelvin for some Sea Trout action (with any luck) and […]

Pike Vanish From Lake

Pike Vanish From Lake

Canadian resort puzzled by disappearing fish.

August 2004

Where did all the northern pike go? That’s the question being asked by the community surrounding Watson Lake, located on the border between British Columbia and the Yukon in Canada.

Before last year, Watson was considered a prime destination for trophy pike. In […]

n@ked girls…….classy!!

Damn, another Sunday and not going fishing. Back at University now so my fishing time has been severely curtailed. I wouldn’t mind so much if I was actually getting the chance to get out and go fishing but the weather has been crap which is putting the rivers in terrible condition….and well….you know the rest […]

Times Online – Sport

Times Online – Sport

If I had 20 bucks I would have went along and bought it…..oh hang on it was £20,000

Downgrading and destruction of Loch Lomond – The Herald

An interesting letter published in The Herald Downgrading and destruction of Loch Lomond – The Herald

Its a shame that Loch Lomond is being destroyed by speedboats and those jet skis. The last time I was at the Loch it was nasty…I wasnt fishing just sitting enjoying the sunshine and peace when “VoooOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHH”


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