n@ked girls…….classy!!

Damn, another Sunday and not going fishing. Back at University now so my fishing time has been severely curtailed. I wouldn’t mind so much if I was actually getting the chance to get out and go fishing but the weather has been crap which is putting the rivers in terrible condition….and well….you know the rest right.
So I had to make a decision on Saturday about fishing. I was in Ikea and had ordered a new bed. My better half is attending a wedding fair today and it was a toss up between me possibly going fishing…And that was a big possibly with the weather or staying home waiting for our new bed in the morning. This is in fact a big deal as our bed just now is horrible. So I looked at the rain and thought about the state of the river and I took the executive decision of texting my fishing partner and calling it off.
It’s a shame as the river we have been fishing is great. I mean the Kelvin is my home water but there is just something unique about this part of the river that is fantastic. The river is wide but is dotted with lots of islands which makes you feel as if you are fishing lots and lots of little streams……and you know how i like small streams right? It costs like a few pounds for the day permit and I think we have pretty much paid double the season permit in day permits so next season full permits all the way. We just wish we could be their in ideal conditions. The first time I fished their (no I am not going to tell you where) I had a great day and caught many trout. It was very windy. It always seems to be windy. The second time it was way too warm and humid and it soon started to thunder. The next time it was way too high. The time after it was high, windy and raining…..you see what I mean? After the last trip we packed up as the wind was howling and the rain was starting to come down pretty heavy, we got talking about next season and about ideal conditions. I started and then he replied……..
-a nice summer’s day
-with a little cloud cover
-a little breeze, not too much not too little
-a nice hatch going down
-and we know what they are
My fishing partner paused a moment and in his Italian accent said:
-and n@ked g1rls tying on our flies!!

Class, sheer class!!