So I have not been fished the Kelvin in around a month now……jeepers. Today is the last day of the trout season here in good ole Scotland and the last month has been a washout. This Saturday I am going to head down to the kelvin for some Sea Trout action (with any luck) and on Sunday I will be going to another river for some Grayling fun while I can still catch em (try and catch em) on the dry fly.
Regular readers may notice I have changed the writing up at the top of the blog……with a bit of luck this is the start of another site redesign. If you want to have a gander at what Im toying with feel free to have a look here or drop me a line using the mail me button on the right with any suggestions.
Still gagging for a new camera….bit annoyed that the last on eis now jiggered. Been thinking of getting one of these though …
Mustek gSm@rt D35

Its small, has a flash and a view screen and is cheap enough like my other one so that if something happens to it I wont be absolutely devastated. I will write a little review when and if i get it.

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  1. Jim Phelps · October 7, 2004

    Another year has gone by and I haven’t gotten my act together to start up fly fishing again. I guess I feel overwhelmed by the choices and the expense (rods, reels, lines, waders, wading boots). I would like to get back into the stream and my wife seemed to enjoy the one week she tried it.

    As far as little cameras – I just came back from a conference and one guy there had a camera the size of a credit card that took 640X480 pictures. It cost about $40. He liked it. I bought my nephew the spy camera from Thinkgeek.com and he loves it.

    Final comment – the green – it hurts, it burrrnnnsess usssss. đŸ˜‰

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