Winter Flick Throughs

I am ill – consequently I am flicking through books I have on my shelf for a little glimmer of fly fishing hope. I received “The World of Fly Fishing” a few years ago when I graduated from University as a present. The photography is lovely and is certainly making me think about getting my trout gear out for a clean up for next season (not that it just has trout fishing in it – it just makes me think of fishing that I am unable to do). At least, when I am better that is….

(if you click on the picture you can read more about it at Amazon – I am an affiliate)

So if you are looking for a book for Christmas I certainly do recommend it!


  1. David Edwards · December 2, 2008

    Sorry to hear you are ill… fly tying is a good remedy! Here’s a conundrum… if we are all Amazon affiliates, why don’t they just drop all the prices???

  2. Alistair · December 2, 2008

    Because you need to have a website to be an affiliate 🙂

  3. David Edwards · December 2, 2008

    OK you win…I’ve been tying flies and just thinking about taking a couple of hours early doors to target a few pike! The new flee is in the blog!

  4. Stuart B · December 2, 2008

    “Early Doors” WTF was it that started that expression .Some football pundit no doubt . 🙂

  5. alan atkins · December 2, 2008

    Get well soon ! Alex and i will be starting the winter grayling season in style on Saturday, call us if you wish to go

  6. Alistair · December 2, 2008

    Nice one Alan – there is only a few days of severe weather warnings to contend with – you want me to be your safety line if you get stuck in a snowdrift?


  7. alan atkins · December 2, 2008

    Indeed, always the same Alistair , great conditions for a fortnight and then snow , thaw, more snow!! I’ll fish somewhere on Saturday as the alternative is unthinkable, either xmas decorating or Ikea!!

  8. Alistair · December 2, 2008

    You can always help me to build my nursary furniture if you like 🙂

  9. alan atkins · December 2, 2008

    I’ll pass if you don’t mind, did all that 10 years ago and won’t be doing it again in a hurry !! No, i WILL be fishing somewhere, hopefully the river will drop away, if not we have a mind for some pioneering, which i’ll tell you about if it happens. All i can say at the moment is that, as far as i know, it is a virtually untouched branch of our sport here is Scotland.

  10. Stuart B · December 2, 2008

    If you are putting a sign on your baby’s door ( well the room that is ) just don’t use

    “nursary ” LOL

  11. Alistair · December 2, 2008

    Alan – an untouched branch of our sport?

    Stuart B – damn that built in spell checker!

  12. alan atkins · December 2, 2008

    Research is still in its infancy, so, to avoid embarrasment and ridicule, i will wait until i have more information before posting here, although i may discuss it with you in person!!! Looks like the severe weather warning was a damp squib ( as usual), so the river will be in fine fettle tomorrow for the grayling

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