Windy Day!

So for a little stress relief I went down to my little tributary for a couple of hours. It was at a good height but was a little cloudy. It was very windy so I was kind adaft using my 3wt but when I did manage to get a cast everything was fine. I did not manage to land one fish however. I hooked maybe around 5 or 6 but they quickly got off. I thought I would have a wee wander up the river to where the pools kind of get longer and the water slows down……I floated a little dry fly over some deep holes and was rewarded with a nice fish of maybe about 8 or 9 inches………it got away before I could see it for sure.
I got changed in a little car park next to a pub… better half told me I looked like a right geek with my waders, waistcoat, Polaroid’s and rather cool cap! Grumpily I told her that down by the river side I looked rather dapper and to pass my thermometer….speaking of which I took a reading of the water and I could hardly see the damn thing as it was so low of the little gauge. It was less than 8 c anyway. I am going to start taking regular readings to see how it corresponds to trout and fly activity !!