Wild trout or stocked trout?

Here is a post from a forum I frequent
It was made by a gentleman called John Gray who has a website over at Grays of Kilsyth
Essentially it seems like the little problem at AGMs also effects other clubs…….here is Johns post in full

The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

This subject was debated recently at the AGM of the Allan Water Angling Improvement Association, following a letter from fisheries biologist Dr Colin Bull, an association member, in which he expressed the opinion that the stocking of farmed fish into the River Allan was detrimental to native stocks, migratory fish and the river in general.

I believe that there are very few circumstances where the introduction of farmed trout into a river or loch can be justified. Such an introduction may be necessary, for example, where a river is recovering from an incidence of severe pollution that may have wiped out the natural stock. In general, though, in a healthy river with a good stock of wild fish, artificial stocking is likely to be counter-productive and might, in the long term, have a serious, and perhaps irreversible……………………

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Colin Bull incidentally is a a biologist specialising in salmon issues. He was also on the infamous Trout n About programe about the Kelvin.

I think that work done in conservation on the Kelvin is essential in its continual improvement and regeneration. As it is noone seems to bother much about it. It appears that most of the anglers that fish it only want to catch big stockies and be damned with any consequences.

A shame!