Why the .net is good for your fishing!

I really enjoy having a fishing blog – you may have noticed this over the years!

I enjoy it so much I recommend everyone has one – because of the success of Urban Fly Fisher everyone at one point appeared to want to create a website dedicated to the Kelvin 🙂

When I look back over the last half dozen years I have gained not just a collection of words utilising grammatical errors, poor punctuation aided by dodgy photos – it is more the knowledge and friendships I have made because of them that mean the most! Of course some people say I am an evil self publicist who is a right shady bastard but one tries to pay them no heed!


You see, there is something essential about having fishing pals – I was not blessed with any buddies that fish as I picked my rod back up after the hedonism of my youth. I have gained all my fishing buddies through writing Urban Fly Fisher- and some of the guys I met then went on to meet each other and become good friends and of course now fish together often forgetting to let me know they hauling them in somewhere altogether!

By the grace of God my friend!

The online fishing world in Glasgow (and surrounding areas) is a small one – everyone knows everyone else and there is always someone who is willing to meet up for a fish – especially if you are a fly fishing novice – I think it is great!

Some say I only fish with people so there is a buffer between me and the cows and there may unconsciously be an element of truth to that however there is also another reason.

You see – the problem is you really cannot learn how to fly fish from a book alone – or a website or forum for that matter! Sure on a forum you can ask a question and someone can give you a long concise answer however you will still probably only get 20% of what they are saying as really you have got to see, feel and experience the answer for you to understand it – this is why having real live fishing buddies are essential – to share knowledge and experience.

Having a live fishing buddy is usually better than a dead one – going through this guys pockets was pretty disappointing.

When I fish with a pal I always dedicate some time to watching them fish – it is nice to see how someone else will approach a situation and it is just nice to see your buddy catching a fish – there is something nice about pointing out a rising fish to a pal and watching him catch it.

Yes – the internet can be kind to you as long as you don’t act like a total tool – I see guys all the time acting like totals tanks on the internet – yea sure it is all very funny at the time however the people they are acting the arse towards are the people that they will want to try and engage as fishing buddies.

Result = a life of having no fishing buddies and consequently not learning from the experience that they can teach you. Of course you are unable to get a lift anywhere as well – obviously nobody posts on forums there favourite spots either!

Like I say writing urban fly fisher is great fun – apart from when someone told me I was fatter in real life than I looked online in front of a couple of hundred folk – thanks buddy – that has now started people commenting on my weight at every available opportunity – “you’ve lost a fair bit of weight” – thanks, that’s what happens when you are under pressure to be an online fishing sex god – I am heading towards middle age with the youngsters snapping at the heels!

Mike from Tamanawis – does not count!

Anyhoo – get out there, be nice and ask questions – with a bit of luck you will meet some lovely folk who will improve your fishing no end – enjoy your pals company and take the time to learn something every time you head out with them.

Think about it – when was the last time you learnt something from a pal? Let me know in the comments!


  1. darren whyte · November 4, 2010

    barry holliday he tought me how steeling fishing his spots can lead to him catching more fish…

  2. Alistair · November 4, 2010

    That is good knowledge brother – good knowledge!

  3. Squigster · November 4, 2010

    My catch rate has improved exponentially this year by fishing with a few guys who know what their doing. They kindly take their time and tutor me in the art of fly fishing, at one point one chap was standing mid stream at my shoulder directing me, and the other was on the bank spotting fish me!!!!
    Next year i’m sure i’ll be introduced into the dark art of streamer fishing…..

  4. Alistair · November 4, 2010

    I rest my case Stephen 🙂

  5. alan atkins · November 4, 2010

    Great stuff Alistair ! We’ve had some memorable and amuzing outings together , but , no matter no the fishing is, we always seem to find time to chew the fat and have a laugh !

  6. Chuck · November 4, 2010

    Well isn’t this a nice blog today. I feel all warm and glowie inside now, and it makes you just want to give Alistair a big man-hug. 😉
    Actually, it’s been a blast over the last 6 years watching this site develop. This is the only FFing site I follow, and I don’t even get to fish your wee-bit-o-a-stream since I live in the states. Over the years though I’ve learned a few things, had some good chats with you folks here, and more important, had a few laughs added to my day.

    Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get a chance to come over, meet you ‘blokes’, and fish the now famous Kelvin.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to keep this going for awhile Alistair, or at least long enough that the kid can take over some day.

    Thanks for all the effort.

  7. Alistair · November 4, 2010

    Chuck – a big man hug? just what are you trying to insinuate?


  8. Chuck · November 4, 2010

    Well Alistair, I see you are not well versed in the art of the Man-Hug. To educated yourself I can recommend the following web sites.

    Start here.

    Then try.

    Next here.



    annnnnd here.

    Finally- since we follow our president for the proper trends, here.

    Now practice this and when we finally meet you’ll get it right and not come across too, well you know….. like those spin-caster fishermen types.


  9. Alistair · November 4, 2010

    That’s ok then – I thought you were insinuating I was a big fat man so needed an extra big hug!

  10. willie yeomans · November 4, 2010

    Are you not the wee fat guy that used to run the website then?

  11. Squigster · November 4, 2010

    Willie, I still remember the look on Alistairs face when you came out with your throw away line – Priceless!!!!!!

  12. Alistair · November 4, 2010

    Don’t worry I shall have my revenge – might not be soon but one day – revenge shall be mine!

  13. willie yeomans · November 4, 2010

    Aye, it wasn’t my finest moment. I’ll tell you what though, he must have forgiven me. I was out with a group of naturalists on the the Kelvin two or three months ago and my well-trained, tooled-up-to-the-teeth electrofishing team couldn’t catch them a trout (although we had salmon and loads of other stuff in the tank). Coincidentally (because he didn’t know we were there), our hero emerged from the undergrowth, put down his tray of pies, and caught us a trout to order on the fly within a couple of minutes. Best advert for the Kelvin since this website. That’s why I love my job – sometimes you get to meet the good guys in their element!

  14. Alistair · November 4, 2010

    Your insult hidden in a compliment does not fool me yeomans – I’ll get you my pretty – and your electro team too!!!!!

  15. willie yeomans · November 4, 2010

    How’s about you haul your svelte bahookie out with us next year and actually see us working properly? Actually, it might be worthwhile extending that offer to the RKAA membership in general. What do you think? I’ve been trying get you out for the past couple of seasons now and, while you’re clearly a stranger to a hard day’s labour, there are bits of the river where we could help you down to the water….what? what….?

  16. Alistair · November 4, 2010

    I swear to god I know people …. Big People!!

    No wait ..I don’t mean…

  17. willie yeomans · November 4, 2010

    …..how big????

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