When Enough….Is Enough !

Arrived at the river around 0830, there was a nip in the air although an occasional blast of sunshine heated me up nicely as I walked along the river bank. I met another angler ambling along the bank towards me – we exchanged pleasantries – it turns out he was going to fish bait – we spoke about tactics and then I was off. It was hard going to say the least, once the sun came out proper any surface action was finished – I caught a couple of trout on nymphs and then decided to head to the Clyde and a section I had not fished before.

Around this point the felt sole of my season old Orvis boots fell off – amused I was not – this is going to be the subject of a dedicated post so watch this space.

Anyway, I headed off and fished the new stretch of river. This was well below the falls of Clyde and I must say the water quality was like the Kelvin in places – in fact the whole river was like a big version of the Kelvin – almost double the size.

There was an impressive amount of fly life on the water and I caught two trout straight off on dries – when I got to some open water I tried a dry and nymph and picked up another couple – very enjoyable.

I drove back to my other favourite stretch of river to meet Mike at around 5 pm. I sat in my car and had my lunch – the farmer (who owns the fishing rights) apologised for his cows dribbling over my car and wanted to assure me it was not him and his wife spitting on it – a very strange conversation indeed.

Suddenly it him me – I did not need to go fishing – I had had a very enjoyable day out – I was satisfied, I telephoned Mike for a bit of encouragement to give me motivation – he gave me the motivation to get my waders on and get to the river – enough already, I thought – time to go home, I have tomorrow !


  1. James Hathaway · September 8, 2007

    Hey there.

    Sorry to hear about the boot!! Here at Orvis we take these things seriously and I would like to make it up to you. Would you mind emailing me at hathawayj@orvis.com?

    I would like to hear how this occured, and replace the equipment.


    My best to you from Vermont

    James Hathaway

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  3. Trout Underground · September 8, 2007

    Cow drool?

  4. peter · September 8, 2007

    I`ve been wearing Scierra IPac boots for the past 2 seasons and after use,give them a good wash in tepid water(no soap)using a soft nailbrush.They are still in great condition.

  5. Alistair · September 8, 2007

    Hey Peter,

    I actually decided on the Orvis boots as they were recomended by another pal.
    You will have notice James Hathaway has contacted regarding my boots and I will be making a post about that shortly 🙂


  6. Jim Burns · September 8, 2007

    The people and the service at Orvis are second to none. Visted their place at Manchester Vt. a couple of years ago as my bother-in-law has a a weekend place near to their store/school. Its a great place to vist as the wives can go shopping in the designer outlets while we went to Orvis. Dont know who spent more dollers. HA HA
    The bear inside the front door also looks impressive.

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