What…No Fishing ?

Yegads, who would have thought after the hell I went through at University I would want to go back and do a post graduate course. Unfortunately I have and this has curtailed fishing time. No evening sessions until I batter through two essays (which is a rather fine incentive I must say) however I have been fishing on the Clyde the last couple of weeks. A few buddies and I went for an evening session and got rained off ending up in a pub, the Italian dry fly guru still managed to tempt some trout though.

An all day session on Sunday, Mike of Tamanawis turned up,

I glanced at his hair line but it still seems as thick as ever. I told him to bring a massive hatch of flies but all he brought was heavy rain. I still managed to tempt some trout including this rather nice one.


Alex and I had sausages and bacon for lunch and an evening meal, he tried to tempt me with a beer but I settled for a few sips of his to keep the old head clear for the evening action which then did not materialise.

Actually, now that I think about it I will be fishing this weekend as I will be fishing in the Wild Trout Challenge on Loch Shin in Sutherland. Considering I have only fished in a boat around a dozen times and won’t have a Scooby what I am doing I am looking on it as a learning experience.

 So, in summary, where I have been fishing as been poor but the Kelvin I hear is on top form with lots of nice trout being caught.

Catch one for me folks and send me a photo !


  1. Poor man's angler · July 11, 2007

    This site is class. I have just discovered it. I do the diddy fishing with the worms and rarely catch anything, but I like the solitude. I might have a bash at the fly fishing now. I live near the Clyde (upper). How do I get started? And what are you studying? Something to do with fishing?

  2. Alistair · July 11, 2007

    Sadly nothing to do with fishing, I am doing a post graduate certificate in brain injury rehabilitation 🙂

    I think you will catch more using the fly than with worms. You need to do a spot of reading before you try fly fishing..have a look on the net for basic techniques, give me a shout if you need advice on books 🙂

    Good Luck


  3. David Hogg · July 11, 2007

    Just found your site on a link from the Avon Angling Club and have had fun reading it. I have only been fishing this season, mostly on the Avon from Strathaven to Larkhall and I am not having a great deal of sucess. My wife paid for some casting leasons at the Tinto Fishery for my 60th. birthday and my son bought me a nice fly rod. Do you think they were trying to tell me something?
    I have had a go at worms, maggots, spinner, wet and dry fly but cant decide which I enjoy most. I DO enjoy the peace and quite, fresh air and exercise.
    Just wish I could catch more fish.

  4. Paul Lee · July 11, 2007

    Alistair -Great Site M8 i`m in the east end of glasgow and i usually fo a bit of fly fishing up at hillend or roughrigg this season though i`ve not had much joy i`ve recently taken up an interest in a bit of pike fishing too my m8 cuaght one while i was with him and it was a fine fight.
    Anyway my point is where abouts on the Kelvin is good for the fishing and where do you aquire a permit and at what cost as i`m always looking for somewhere new

  5. Alistair · July 11, 2007

    hey David, we all wish we could catch more fish :-0

    Paul, for more info check out:

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