Well, that was the season that was!

Where did it end eh?

I know for some of you guys it was awesome!

I know for some of you guys it was shite!

For me it must have been the most varied, shortest and most frantic in the history of this old creaky blog. Instead of being highs and lows it was almost as if my time was so precious that it had to be a season of highs no matter what!

The year started after I almost killed Paul Young on the banks of the Kelvin as my year usually does, not the killing part but the Kelvin part. I slipped down the stairs nearly taking him out and smashing a bottle of the good stuff. Here we all are thankfully safe..

Paul Young is between my youngest and I !

I had one brief stab at the Kelvin and then my third child arrived.

I had to make every trip count and I did – I had lots of wee trips to the Salt with the LRF and some trips for trout catch some lovely big ones..

Kinda wished I had brought my tape measure..

Kinda wished I had brought my tape measure..

I am hoping to squeeze a Pike trip in somehow between the madness of children’s parties and feeding!

How are you faring ?



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  1. Chuck · November 6, 2015

    Wellllll, I didn’t have any new kids (mine just turned nine this past Monday), but like you, the fishing didn’t seem to be a lot. This past spring I made it down to the Cumberland River with my fishing buddy John. I caught a large brookie that we thought was maybe the state record. It turns out a 11 year old kid had caught one .75″ larger than mine the week before. I’ll try posting a pic in another section.