Weekly Water Photo – 48 of 52

With all the rain we have had you can do a spot of white water rafting if you are so inclined – these pictures were taken before the water was really turned on…

Water Photo 48

I had to telephone the council last week as there was a log blocking the fish pass – it has obviously now been cleared.

White Water Rafting anyone?

I do not fancy going down that in a boat? The Allander and Kelvin had both burst their banks out Balmore way – anyone else have any good photos?

Sadly I could not stick around long enough to see any Salmon running as the wife was in the car tapping her watch!


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  1. Stuart B · November 29, 2011

    There must have been a fair few inches of the wet stuff come down yesterday and overnight .
    “tapping her watch” Is that a euphemism for something else ??? 🙂

  2. Jim Bennett · November 29, 2011

    Hi alistair,that pic brings back many memories for me.The allander was where i learned to fly fish,i started about 15 yr old,many years ago and long before the fish ladder.One particular memory was their was quite a big pool at the bottom of the ladder and a guy used to keep huge rainbows in his garden farther up the river.He was a chemist i believe,there was a smal burn ran through his garden in to his pond then back in to the Allander.He had fenced of the inlet and outlet with chicken wire.Well one particular spring we had a really lot of rain and bad weather and his rainbows managed to escape in to the Allander,one of them ended up taking residence in the pool at the ladder,it must have been about 4 lbs an absolute monster in those days,There was always a crowd trying to get it using worm,fly,spinner or whatever.One morning me and my friend went to the pool at the crack of dawn,no one around so we started fishing for it.We coud see the wee brownies and the huge rainbow were taking some kind of duns so i tried severel olives and the like with no luck.I decided to try a grey duster first cast with it and it took it.after about a ten mintute fight i tried lifting in to it and i straitened the hook and it fell back in.I dont know what ever became of it ,if it ever got caught or what,but it is one of those special memories that you always remember.so thanks for the pics ….Jim

  3. Si · November 29, 2011

    Cracking story Jim! Is the house on the wee burn that runs out of Tannoch Loch?