Weekly Water Photo 35 – Autumn?

You can tell Autumn is coming, the signs are all there – a chill in the air, dark nights a coming, berries in the bushes and of course hair straighteners are in the trees..

Hair straighteners - can you spot them?

Anyway, so I went for a walk through the park with the boys and most enjoyable it was too – it would have been nice to fish the river (for trout) as it had a nice height and was a very peaty tinge to it. I spotted a few trout rising as well – in fact that is the weekly water photo for this week..

Weekly Water Photo 35

I spent some time checking out the pool – it looked great – I reckon if I was fishing that pool I would have had a few trout to my hand – as it was I could tell that other folk had a bash at them..


The float and line was sitting on the grass next to the river – the boy was looking at a squirrel and I reckoned this was a major danger to any wildlife – it saddens me that there are so many irresponsible anglers out there but hey – some people just do not know any better – it could have been a total accident however how come I always seem to find discarded bubble floats, spinners and lumps of lead in trees as I am wading along the river bank – it never used to be the case. I remember a chap called Chris that used to fish up in the Vet School who used bait and a float to catch trout – I have never met another angler like him that watched his float carefully and struck at the slightest nibble – the Kelvin trout were in safe hands with that guy!

As I walked up the river the boys got tired and started to….I can only describe it as scream. It was because of this that I never chinned a group of guys bait fishing at the White House Pool (so called because of the bloody great white house next to it) – I made moves towards them and received a warning glare from my beloved wife so decided to text Stephen (bailiff and committee member) who was on their case in a flash and they were soon packing up their gear – I then heard that some other guys had been cleared out up Balmore Road by Paul Reid (Secretary) and Stephen.

The RKAA members need to make a decision on exactly what they want for their river – we need paid bailiffs we can call on night or day to deal with these characters – I was down the Vet School one night and came across some guy with a fire – asked him to see his permit and was told he had a permit and did not give a fuck about the rules – ended up phoning the police however he was gone by the time they got their – I know this has nowt to do with it however he was fishing with a maggot.

I have no idea when I will fish next – the Clyde is calling me however all possible baby helpers are away for the next two weeks leaving me as the responsible partner!


  1. @thetroutfly · September 4, 2011

    My God man, the trout in that river must be enormous to be fishing a line that heavy. I must admit we have similar problems on the Almond through my neck of the woods but we are slowly getting to grips with it. I had to remove guys from the river a few days ago who were spinning without permits, it can get a bit tense at times but the cops are only a phone call away if it gets out of hand. I wish everyone would clear up after themselves.

  2. Alistair · September 4, 2011

    I think it is the siren call of the Salmon that causes folk to chance their arm – the trout are just collateral damage.

  3. Jim Burns · September 4, 2011

    Got tangled up on some line at the Slush tonight. Managed to get most of it but the flying C was stuck fast just out of reach. I was fishing the river a couple of days ago when two lads came down to the river only to see me fishing the spot they were going to fish. Could hear them say **** it it’s that guy who put us off the river last time he seen us(no permits). As you said Alistair it’s the call of the salmon brings them out.

  4. Alistair · September 4, 2011

    I have not managed out in a few weeks – how is the river fishing Jim? You still get sport at dusk?

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