Weekly Water Photo 02 of 52

Good grief – it is week two already (and the end of the week at that) of my weekly water photo.

I thought this photo was pretty apt as the temperature has now risen and has stayed above freezing for a few days now – in fact the other day I got in my car and it was approaching a  positively balmy 283 Kelvins.

Of course what this temp brings us is the rain…

Weekly Water Photo 02 of 52

On my way home from work the rain was causing lots of flooding in the roads – as I got out my car there were hailstones bouncing off my head – ouch!

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  1. alan atkins · January 14, 2011

    The Kelvin was almost 4m above summer level yesterday. I took a walk alng the river to identify potential areas for clearance and the force of the water was quite awesome!

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