Wee Bags

To complement the minimalist style of Tenkara I was thinking of obtaining some kind of new bag. Obviously all I need to stick in it will be some tippet, flies, car keys and possibly a mobile phone. I was thinking of using an old camera case however when thinking about it I decided it would swing around too much especially if I was bending over and crouching a lot as you do on small streams. I quite fancied a bum bag however it may still be a little big.
I found this dinky wee belt bag (Lifeventure mini belt pack) which looks just the part over at E-Outdoor for £14 which not only is good for holding the gear but is good for watching the old wallet as well.

It looks like it is a nice slim profile to just stick at your side for when it is needed.

Stick a Hardy logo on that bad boy and it would cost you £50


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