We have changed conditions!

I have fished twice over the last week – one was on Saturday evening (before all the rain) and the other was on Tuesday evening just as the rain started.

Both sessions were what I can only describe as “pish” – I am glad that you guys do not just come here to read about huge trout being caught and fantastic flies being tied as if that was the case I would probably post around once a…..well not often anyway.

Saturday’s session was just before this turn in the weather – I arrived at the river and found it dead low with some flies on the water however no trout making any kind of show. This is my usual wee spot however I doubt I will be back as for some reason all the trout appear to have scampered off somewhere else. It is like that on the Kelvin – you will find a pool that will fish very well for a season or two and then suddenly you will never see another fish in it again for another few seasons – I have spoke to a few Kelvin fishers about this and we think it has something to do with the floods moving the river bed around. To get to this spot you have to manoeuvre yourself down an embankment made up of stones, earth and bricks – I was just thinking about local angler Derek and his rather tragic accident (he jumped over a wall resulting in a smashed heel, broken shin and a broken arm – then the wall fell on top of him) when the brick I was standing on gave way causing me to fall downwards about 3 feet on to my back – glad I had a lucky escape – even my waders were not damaged.

Anyway – the session was poor – caught a couple of micro broonies (you can tell brownies from parr as brownies have spots on their gills) and that was about it. And then the rains came on Sunday – the river rose well over a metre and then plummeted back down again. I went out after work on Tuesday with Atkins – it looked great conditions – overcast, a slight breeze, warm – once we started casting it started to pour down with rain – only a passing shower – said Atkins – yes – only problem was it was around 2 hours long.

A passing shower my arse!

I eventually caught another micro trout on a nymph.

While we were fishing we heard a chap from the forum had caught a Salmon up at the park closer to the city. Sadly we also heard that three Salmon had been caught on the Monday evening and left the river without being tagged. Damn shame that guys cannot abide to rules that they themselves voted in – the reason the rule with the tags came into force is to conserve stocks so that you can catch more salmon in the future – essentially if this is true what these guys have done is try and ruin the salmon fishing for every other angler on the river.

Looks like more rain over the next few days – looking forward to it!