Warming up a little- trout rising

So today was not bad, a couple of nice trout for my efforts. The Kelvin was at a good height and the colour was fine. I got to the river at around 1230 when it was still a little cool. It started to heat up at around 2pm and this sparked a pretty big hatch of Large Dark Olives. The two trout I caught were nice little Kelvin trout, none of this stocked rainbow palaver that people seem keen on these days. I had a big chat about it to a guy called Chris who fishes down the Vet School quite a lot.
As I have mentioned before Chris fishes bait, uses a little float and trots the worms or docken grubs down pools- he always practices catch and release. Its skills like that that people just don’t seem to have that fish rivers after fishing fisheries. It’s got to be 2lb trout and if it’s smaller it’s a tiddler.
Give me a couple this size instead of a 2lb stocked rainbow any day.
Anyway, I then managed to spook a fair few trout so moved to smaller little F flies in this slow deep section
I then managed to prick the remaining rising fish so had a wander about and then went home. My beloved wife had decided to go to the cinema so we went to see “An American Haunting” which was disappointing as there was absolutely no fishing in it. It was not as disappointing as “Brokeback Mountain” which was sold to me as being about “two guys going fishing”. Believe you me, those guys go fishing but there is little fish caught.