Vision waders!!

Some of my long term readers will know about my problems with my Vision “Extreme” waders.
You were with me at the begining…when I was all exited about getting them ….you were with me when they arrived and they were exactly one size too big. You were with me when I caught my biggest trout to date on the dry fly and actually commented that perhaps I should call them my lucky waders.
And then the devestation started. A leak had appeared in them. So I sent them back. I thought I would get a new pair but instead sealant was applied and that was that. I thought the problem was fixed.
And it was, for a time…..and then the problems started.
First of all it was paranoia..
I was convinced they were leaking again……and it would turn out that my foot was…..perhaps a little damp but nothing that would constitute a leak…..but perhaps it was….them I would think that it was all in my mind….yegads.

It is not all in my mind….the last time I fished for Grayling my foot was freezing……because water was getting in, because the leak has came back.. GRRRRRRR I have phoned Guide and have been told they will sort it out, I have to send them again. More cash !!!!
Anyway, I have wrapped them up in brown paper which looks suspiciously like a bomb …
and will post in the morning…..I will keep you posted of developments!!


  1. karol · October 17, 2004

    can you return those waders and get a new different pair for the price difference?

  2. Alistair · October 17, 2004

    I think eventually I can do that. The problem is by law they have one more chance….I can argue though that they are not fit for the purpose!
    I like those waders though….I dont look like anumpty on the bus!!

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