Urgent:Lost Lucky Hat – Huge Reward*!!

I have looked everywhere – in my car, in all my fishing bags, behind my fishing books, under my bed etc. – some of you even got a text message – That is right – it is the news of the year week moment – I have lost my lucky green fishing hat.

Lost Hat - look closely!

Lost Hat - look closely!

You see this is no mere piece of cloth (with a plastic bit as a visor) bought in an outdoor shop several years ago – this is a Lucky Hat – when I go fishing without it I feel decidedly unlucky – for a start I trip over shit due to being dazzled by the sun.  Due to it being green I also feel as if I blend into nature – unlike my stand in Orvis hat which is cream and feels like I am wearing a lighthouse on my head. I have worn this hat for pretty much all my fishing – it had a nice sweatband that stopped sweat dripping down on to my nose…

Attracts Nature

Attracts Nature

…and it smelled just nice too – it was is comfy like no other and has been through thick and thin with me – it has even been up mountains  with me..

It is not up there - I looked!

It is not up there - I looked!

I remember thinking it was in my car however a thorough hunt has turned up doodle squat.

You may have noticed I love my hat – sure I could break a new one in with time (not the cream orvis one) however I would need to wear it like …non stop…to get it anywhere near the level of luckiness my original green hat gave me.

I think I am obsessed  – do you guys have a lucky hat?

*Reward may not involve actual financial gain – more like eternal gratitude and possibly a few flies.


  1. suburban bushwacker · August 23, 2009

    Stay calm Al
    I’ve seen your hat
    it’s here

  2. SimonGraham · August 23, 2009

    Actually Alistair, I do have a lucky hat….and I’m looking at it right now!

  3. Shanks · August 23, 2009

    As Willie has said on the forum it’s that extra weight, fell off and you never noticed. No doubt everyone from the EGM will organise a search party.

  4. JimL · August 23, 2009

    Sore one.

    I’ve tried to put a bit of luck into a few hats so I can alternate according to weather, got a baseball cap, lightweight wide brim, waterproof wide brim and ridiculous sombrero type one (for holidays) all with varying degrees of luck built in.

    Good luck on the search but if it doesn’t go well I have a short cut for you. Buy a hat that means something to you personally… the more stupid or obscure the reason for it meaning something the better, that way the hat has built in mojo from the off and all you have to do is convert that to fishing mojo which should only take a couple of trips to the water.
    Example: I really like the Tim Dorsey novels and the two main F***wits in the books are big Florida Marlins fans so I bought a camo Marlins baseball cap from the team’s website in the US. Just looks like a camo fishing hat with a Marlin on it but it made me laugh so the mojo was built in.
    Easy as that.

  5. Chuck Graves · August 23, 2009

    Sorry to hear about the loss. Will you be listing the hours for mourning so we can all attend? I too have lost a hat(s) in the past, and due to this I now have three I can call lucky. To speed-up the act of ‘lucking’ the new hat, always remember to wipe your hands on said hat after catching a fish.

  6. Dan Zambrano · August 23, 2009

    Bummer! Can totally relate. Once made a dive buddy turn around from a full speed, on-plane, bee-line for home ‘cuz my fav. hat blew off. Had to do a zig-zag search pattern in a four foot swell for ten minutes. You should have heard the cursing…er, complaining. And that was just me whining about how soaking in saltwater would change the shape of my hat. Best of luck in your search.

  7. Jim Burns · August 23, 2009

    I’ve had this problem too, you have a cap for a good few years it goes everywhere you fish then one day it disappears. You hunt high and low for it in the cupboard where fly tying gears keep, all round the house then out to the garden sheds still no luck. Then you start on the car back seat, front seat, under the seats, glove compartment then the boot still nothing all the time the wife can be heard saying “for gods sake it’s only a cap”. Only a cap! Only a cap! Little does she know it’s your LUCKY CAP.

    Hope you find it Alistair.

  8. Squigster · August 23, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your hat, i’m willing to help you look for it. Could you please PM me with all your favourite locations, and known trout lies and i’ll wander round them and have a look for you. There would be no point in wasting a journey, so I would take my rod and have a days fishing whilst I was at it – God loves a trier!!!!

  9. Dave · August 23, 2009

    I know the feeling man! I once had this tilley hat that I wore everywhere. There was a little zipper on the inside that opened a small pocket that you could keep your fishing license, or whatever in. I kept a tiny little plastic gold leaf in that pocket. One day, the hat simply disappeared! A couple of months later, I was in a thrift store and saw a hat that looked just like mine. I picked it up, looked inside and sure enough there was a little zipper pocket. I unzipped it…..and low and behold, theres my bloody leaf!! Needless to say, I bought the hat back for a buck!

    Good luck finding it man!

  10. Alistair · August 23, 2009

    Update:Lost hat remains lost – I have been struck by a string of fishing bad luck!

    Will post at weekend!

  11. James Mann · August 23, 2009

    Oh man that sucks. I have a favorite had I wore for about 30 years and just retired it a week ago. It felt very strange having a different hat on as I never wore any other hat fishing.

    It has lost all it’s stiffness and pretty much just droops over my head but I bought it before I was married. I have been married for 27 years now and even my wife’s father loved it.

    It has the fisherman’s code on it: Early to bed, early to rise, fish like hell and make up lies.

    I would have been lost as well if I had ever lost it. Best of luck finding it.

  12. charlie · August 23, 2009

    hmm…is this going to be your excuse if you dont catch a salmon this year?.

  13. Alistair · August 23, 2009

    ….or an enormous Pike Charlie!

  14. charlie · August 23, 2009

    doubt it’ll come to that alistair-but if it does you can make me an offer for one of mine-they all have luck built in!.

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