Urgent – river Kelvin under threat


People needed asap to protect a reclaimed patch of the river Kelvin in Glasgow.

Tea and tree-loving people are urgently needed to help stop the destruction of one of the nicest parts of Glasgow. The garden round the back of Otago Lane (near the Tchai Ovna teahouse) is threatened by plans to build luxury flats on the site. The site is right on the riverbank by the bridge on Gibson Street. The flats will wreck the view up river, damage a nature reserve and increase traffic in that area. After minimal consultation permission was granted and the developers are moving quickly to clear the site of it’s trees before any possible appeal.

The only access to the site is through Otago Lane and already this morning (Wednesday) they’ve sent contractors in across the veranda of Tchai Ovna to clear foliage. Soon they will try to start cutting the trees down. Drilling on the site is due to start on Monday. Once the foundations are struck it’s unlikely the building can be stopped so help is needed Now. People are needed to stay at the site (even if only for a few hours) to watch for / prevent trespassing and damage. There’s a tent and plenty of tea to sustain you.

People are also needed for to put out flyers, speak to people on the street, collect signatures and suchlike. More information can be found on www.citystrolls.com.

To offer help, call the teahouse on 0141 357 4524 or Martin on 07976 932432 (email: martin (at) tchaiovna.com). A meeting will be held at Tchai Ovna, Otago Lane on Monday at 10pm but people are needed sooner than that, so if you can offer any support, please get in touch with them.

Allso see This Post for pictures..
I cant stress enough that this is a very serious issue on the banks of the river. No doubt rubbish from the site will end up in the River as well as rubble. This will allso mean that access to the pool at this stretch will be impossible.

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  1. linda mccroskie · July 24, 2004

    I’m only an occasional visitor to Glasgow, but I know and treasure the area in question.
    Is it too late to save it? Is it toolate to remind the City Fathers that tourism is now the
    biggest industry? Not all tourists come from abroad. ( I come from Ayrshire.) We all, from near & far, put our 10 cents’ worth into the local economy. Andwhen we revisit our favourite places, we don’t expect to see them turned into blocks of jerry-built flats!!

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